Start Compilation grayed out

Hey there had some issues trying to edit the DB and then I realized that I was trying to edit a compiled DB. So I corrected that and have successfully edited our primary DB. I am trying to save/compile this DB however “start compilation” is grayed out. I can open the compiler and the only options are Check Syntax and Generate Typing. What am i doing wrong?

Hi Evan,

You’re not running client/server are you? Compiling is only available when you’re running in 4D Local mode, if you’re running in 4D Remote mode you can only do a syntax check.

Hey Adam.

Ok so this all happened because I was trying to open a .4DC file, logging into designer didn’t allow me to do anything. That’s when I realized I had to edit a .4DB file and I was able to do so.

So now, our business uses 4d server and we open the .4DC file and then connect through our internal network. So I guess what I am asking is how do I get the changes I made in my .4DB file to a .4DC file?

Hi Evan,

Sounds like you are wanting to build the application.

Go to Build Application from the Design menu, and you want a Structure>.

Also, what type of license are you using (Help->License Manager)? Maybe it is your license that is preventing you from compiling.

Build application is grayed out as well.

As for my license, I have 4d Dev Standard.

Hi Evan,

I’d say that your license is your problem. I’m pretty sure that you need 4D Dev Pro to compile apps.

yes if you go to the store it’s easy to see the standard version does not compile

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