Structure error: Could not load the method resources for

I have been working on converting a V16 to V17 and V18. But I can’t get the V16 stable.
After I fix some things before the conversion and then Verify on the data and structure I get the error on a number of method’s that were fine before the edits. Could not load the method resources for

The edits are simple, but biggest one is duplicating a layout and clearing all the methods in the duplicate to be use in a search by example.

The error will so in the ordinal and other layouts.

Sorry, I do not know which kinds of problems you had with your db structure.

Maybe this one helps (only when you had a little bit same like situation/construct as me).

Short test to switch our Binary-DB(v17) to Project-Mode(v18R3).
I did a short look in v18, and it is no longer possible to create a new method
which had same name as for example a built-in-onstant (in my example “Version”).
But v18-Binary accepted when a in a old DB a method was created with name “Version” (or other reserved names from constants or other secondary objects).
Just the project-mode ignored thuch (old named) methods (no import/read).

Shot in the dark — run the Maintenance process on your DB beforehand.
For a couple years, I’ve experience periodic situations where some methods get ‘orphaned’ and some structure problems somehow happen.

That is what I am doing. I am also not using the duplicate layout and then remove all the methods to use in search by example. We build new layouts from scratch.