subForm, Form et object - reloaded

Arrrrrrrh. It does not work compiled as a component in a database.

Error here

$ptr_ob_options:=OBJECT Get pointer(Object subform container)
$ptr_ob_options->:=Form // Error here

I remember something about forcing definition of variable type in this case, but I’m not sure what anymore, Dominique Delahaye told me last Tour de France.
I refresh you I can’t define variable type as object, I must put it to “none” in order to desactivate the behavior of 4D making Form Null in On Load component.

A nightmare all of this. I have to admit I’m at the edge of nowhere…

A clear explanation, I hope.

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Where’s the aspirin tube? :rofl:

This is not fair ! But yes, Aspirine is required not for how it works, but for how it can’t work :slight_smile:

This is not recommended, but I think you can do:

$p:=OBJECT Get pointer(Object subform container)  //undefined
VARIABLE TO VARIABLE(Current process;$p->;$o)

Yes ! I remember this trick Dominique told me. That one.
For sure not good, but I don’t have any other choice, before 4D decides to put all the component behavior back on factory :pray:

Really an ugly piece of cake, but what to do for now ???
Thanks Keisuke :wink:

I’m curious.

Why did you append “.pdf” to the “.zip” file?