Switch Datafile for V13 Standalone on Windows

What keys need to be held down to force a V13.5 (Windows) standalone application to display the open file dialog so that I can select a different datafile?

Can’t test myself, but would Alt work?




It’s been some time since I released a new version of this application and, IIRC, I was using the Alt key. I’m using Win 10 under Parallels and I’m using dasKeyboard (thanks for the recommendation Kirk). Parallels could be configured differently and the keyboard is a new piece of the puzzle.

[some time passes]

When I double click and hold down the Alt key for the V17R6 version of the app, I’m getting the open file dialog. Not the case with V13.

[more time passes]

Alt+double click does not “work”.

Alt+right click/“Open” does not work.

Alt+right click/“Run as administrator” forces the Open file dialog to open.

If it becomes a routine, it might make sense to have a prefabricated 4DLink file,


data_opening_mode=2 (select other data file)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    is_remote             : tells if 4D connect to remote database or open local database          
    user_name             : user name
    password              : password
    md5_password          : encrypted password
    structure_opening_mode: 0 -> normal
                            1 -> interpreted
                            2 -> compiled
  - the following attributs are valid only if "is_remote" is true.
    server_database_name  : server database name without extension
    server_path           : coulde be IP adresse or dns        
    open_login_dialog     : if true open user login dialog  
  - the following attributs are valid only if "is_remote" is false.
    open_in_custom_mode    : open database in custom mode
    open_tools             : open MSC dialog
    create_structure_file  : tells if 4D create or open structure file
    structure_file         : structure file path
    create_data_file       : tells if 4D create or open data file
    data_file              : data file path
    skip_onstartup_method  : skip OnStartup method
    definition_import_file : definition import file path
    resources_import_file  : resources import file path
	explorer_groups_file   : json file to be used to define explorer groups when creating a new structure 
    data_opening_mode      : 1 -> default data file
                             2 -> select other data file
                             3 -> create new data file 
    data_conversion_mode   : 0 -> display data conversion dialog
                             1 -> not display data conversion dialog, no data conversion
                             2 -> convert data without displaying data conversion dialog
    structure_conversion_mode   : 0 -> display structure conversion dialog
                                  1 -> not display structure conversion dialog, no structure conversion
                                  2 -> convert structure without displaying structure conversion dialog 
    reopen_design_windows	: tells if 4D development environment should reopen editor windows at startup
  	user_param				: arbitratry string accessible to 4D code using Get database parameter(108) 
    <!ELEMENT database_shortcut EMPTY>
    <!ATTLIST database_shortcut 
  is_remote                 (true | false) "false"
  user_name                 CDATA ""
  password                  CDATA ""
  md5_password              CDATA ""
  structure_opening_mode    (0 | 1 | 2) "0"

  server_database_name      CDATA ""
  server_path               CDATA ""
  open_login_dialog         (true | false) "false"

  data_opening_mode         (1 | 2 | 3) "1"
  data_conversion_mode      (0 | 1 | 2) "0"
  structure_conversion_mode (0 | 1 | 2) "0"
  open_tools                (true | false) "false"
  open_in_custom_mode       (true | false) "false"
  create_structure_file     (true | false) "false"
  structure_file            CDATA ""
  create_data_file          (true | false) "false"
  data_file                 CDATA ""
  skip_onstartup_method     (true | false) "false"
  definition_import_file    CDATA ""
  resources_import_file     CDATA "" 
  reopen_design_windows     (true | false) "true"
  explorer_groups_file      CDATA ""
  use_journal_file          (true | false) "true"
  user_param                CDATA ""

I’ve just tested and Alt worked for me in v13.6 running on Windows 10. Double-click and immediately hold Alt … the You pressed the “Alt” key dialog appears after holding Alt for about 2-3 seconds. Maybe it is to do with Parallels and/or dasKeyboard … I’ve never used either of those.

If it were me I would use a 4DLink file as suggested by @Keisuke_Miyako. If you are always opening the same data file you could also use the data_file attribute to avoid having to select the file.