System date format v18.1 Mac OSX


I am testing v18 and noticed that there is a change in behavior regarding
presentation of “System Date Short”.

In Sweden we normally use the format YY-MM-DD for presentation.
The macos has the format YYYY-MM-DD as default for system short date.
However you can alter this and select YY-MM-DD at the OS level.
In version 17. this was recognized by 4D and a form with selected presentation
format: system date short, gave the user a date presented as YY-MM-DD.
In v18.1 this format of the OS is NOT recognized any longer. No matter what you select
at OS, 4D is always presenting with YYYY-MM-DD.

Only tested with Mojave as client so far.
Has anyone else seen this? I have quite some forms with fitted dates for 6 positions…

Best Regards

Magnus Torell

Is Swedish set as primary language in macOS? If not and you are using English and customized format that might not work. It is something Apple changed since High Sierra.

Dear Milan,

Thanks, but my primary language is Swedish and short format is selected YY-MM-DD.

My settings, a v18.1 and a v17.4 remote client running at the same time will show the differences
in the picture, if I succeed in uploading…

Best Regards


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Hi Magnus,

I’ve seen a similar issue starting from v16.4 and Belgian date settings. This got fixed somehow, but strangely enough the problem reappeared in v17R versions when I upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra.

Finally I got the answer on my TAOW case this is due to a change in the macOS. Because the belgian/dutch language files (nl.lproj) aren’t available in 4D. Stephanie TIRTIAT from 4D sent me a database which copies the en.lproj language folder in the 4D application to nl.lproj. :

This is how the system works. But we have a working solution for v17 and v17Rx versions: a 4D method duplicating the en.lproj folders of the selected 4D application and renaming this duplicates as “nl.lproj” after adapting its content.

You will find a small database “LanguagePackageCreator_v17_NL” doing the tric.

  • duplicate a 4D app folder
  • run the the “LanguagePackageCreator_v17_NL” database with this duplicates
  • execute the MAIN method
  • when prompted, select the duplicated 4D app folder (the current 4D app running this database)
  • when the creation of the package is done, quit 4D and have a look at the Resources folder: you will see a new nl.lproj package
  • use this 4d app with the nl.lproj package to get correct date format

This “LanguagePackageCreator_v17_NL” database was tested for v17.2 HF1. And I have tested with v17 R6 on MacOS 10.14.6 with success.

I’ve converted and tested it on v18R2 and it works fine. If you build single user apps, you’ll have to run it against the runtime volume you’re including too. I don’t know if its necessary for 4D Server.

Unfortunately this is something you’ll have to repeat for each new version/nightly build you start using.
A permanent fix is not available:

AFAIK, unfortunately not. Because this is how the OS works (and it could change again if Apple decides so) and 4D has not the hand on it. We can only workaround it with the provided tool.

Here you can download the original .zip archive I received: expect there is no problem for 4D to distribute this database. It is working for nl, but can easily be modified for whatever language. It seems to be originally created for italian.

One thing I don’t understand is why 4D cannot include the necessary lproj files for our languages right away. Maybe if you too ask it politely… :pray:


Dear Koen,

Thanks very much for the kind explanation.

This seems likely to be the issue. I download and will test.
We are in progress of updating and it is good to understand
that it seems to be fixable.

Best Regards

Magnus Torell

Hi Magnus,

I just stumbled upon the v18.1 language certification matrix ( which states that 4D is certified for Swedish and Dutch on macOS.

From this viewpoint, IMHO one may consider this faulty behavior as a bug. And therefore should be fixed in the official releases and not by a work around which has to be applied on each new release.

What do you think?

I’m going to reopen the TAOW case with this new info. Can you also open a TAOW case or create a bug report, please?

Kind regards,

Dear Koen,

“I’m going to reopen the TAOW case with this new info. Can you also open a TAOW case or create a bug report, please?”

OK It is done.