Table in v17R6 becomes Object Attribute in v18R2

Have recently tried to unsuccessfully upgrade a database from v17 to v18 – as soon as it opened in v18 it started throwing weird errors. Upon trying to create an Entity Selection (which worked fine in v17):

$vQuery:="ExportBatch = ''"

I’d get an error stating than “an Object Or Collection Expected”.

It took me a little while to work out that it was because in v18R2, the system is tokenising some (half) of my Tables as Object Attributes. I eventually noticed the subtle difference in colour between Tables and Object Attributes in the method editor, and so changed the Prefs of attributes to be underlined as well:


Any suggestions as why this might be happening and how I can correct it?


I assume all of the tables in question qualify for ORDA (has primary key, etc.) since you have been using the database in v17.

Could it be that not all tables are also made available for REST?

I can not think of any new features in v18 R2 that might pertain to what you describe.

Sorry when i am wrong, but in my individual 4D Settings
the “Constant” styled with Underline!

I did a short test to switch our Binary-DB to Project-Mode (R3)
shows me some difference in behavior to adopt a project-method.



Thank you @Keisuke_Miyako

That was the issue – those tables showing up in v18R2 as Object Attributes did NOT have Primary Keys defined. Adding Primary Keys has solved the problem.

Plainly this is a trap for newbie ORDA devs. The database was originally written back in v13 days, but the upgrade to v17/ORDA was done by someone we had on site for a few months. I’m only just getting back into the maintenance of it now.

Are you saying that (without the Primary Keys), that this should NOT have worked in v17R6 …?