Text to SVG path

I have a funny project to do, which is to draw some vectorized pictures to a DraWall plotter.

But for that, I’ll have to generate a gcode file, which consists in Move and Plot commands, that’s all !

My problem is I’ll have to place text, and I don’t know how to convert a font chars into something like a sets of move and Plot.

I’m looking for something able to gives me a svg file after a call with in input the text, font and size.

How can I do that ???


In fact, this kind of thing, but in a plugin for 4D !


probably not what you are looking for,

but potrace can generate SVG from any drawing


also, rsvg converts each text character in pdf to paths


Not what I’m looking for :slight_smile:
But great !

Eventually ca be an API on web : you give text and font and size, you get an svg of your text…