This database cannot be opened using this OEM application

I’m trying to build and run a 4D OEM client/server application.
I’ve upgraded the application to v18: and converted it to a Project type database.
I’ve updated my XML Keys to include my new v18 licenses, and added a couple new keys that I think are necessary
( ByAppName

But after I run my build, and try to open the Server application: I get the message “This database cannot be opened using this OEM application.”

I’ve banged my head a bunch - but can’t figure it out.
Any Ideas?


Have you had any success with an OEM build for v18 prior to this issue? If so, was your application built from a binary or project database? I have not seen this issue myself so we may need to verify a more.

I see that you have a TAOW case open with us about this. I have asked our team to look more into this. We’ll keep you posted.


I just updated this database from V16 to V18: so, (of course) previously it was in binary mode: and yes: at that point I was able to do an OEM build that worked.

Tai has responded in my TAWO case that he believes he’s found a bug in OEM C/S builds for project mode. (case 144113, BUG 100856)

Hi Tony,

It’s a long shot, but If you haven’t already checked the build log, there might be something there. It took me a long time to get an OEM Build that worked fine in v16 to work in v17.

Tom Benedict

Thanks Tom.
I checked the Build Log: it looks ok to me: all the items have: