Tip for a successful notarization of your 4D app

I would like to share my experience in notarizing Mac Apps.

Instead of using the internal 4D signature function in the build process, I use the tool from Magic Miyako.


1. Sign my App after build
With this tool I sign my 4D applications. Note, It cannot be used out of the box. There are some modificationes needed (App path, …)
I have excluded the code lines after the successful signing. I do not use the notarization with the tool.
I have copied the essential methods into my application.

2. Build an Apple Installer
Then I create an Apple installer with the “pkgbuild” method, which is also in the Build-Application tool from Magic Miyako. The installer is also signed automatically.

3. Build distribution DMG and notarize
The last important step to notarize the app and installer for the dsitribution I have outsourced and do this with the “DMG Canvas” tool.

It is a $20 DMG creation tool.

The advantage of this is that the distribution DMG is created and at the same time the entire content of the DMG is notarized.
This process takes about 10 minutes. There is a command line and notarizing option included.

I have integrated all these 3 steps into my automated “Build-Application” process. After completion and verification of the notarization, I automatically upload the Distribution DMG to my website.

Hope this helps to save your time.

I do this with 4D v17r6

Regards Armin

Thank you.

Another way using Terminal Script


Signing built app for Catalina: