Translations in forum pages

Is there a way to get the forum pages auto-translated by either a setting on my account or a browser plugin of some kind?

Randy Jaynes

Use Google Chrome. It ask for pages in a different language if you want auto translate and allows to store that setting per domain.

I do generally use Chrome and it hasn’t been popping anything up, so I was afraid there was something specifically about the forum that I was missing.

With the old forum, Chrome would pop up a little notification or something like that asking if I wanted to translate with a suggestion on what the language is that it recognized.

I’ll look at my Chrome settings to see what I can find.

Maybe something got turned off months ago and I wasn’t aware of it.



I am experiencing the same issue, Google is not asking to translate anything.


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Chrome translation works only if the specific page is offered in a certain language, usually determined by the response headers or in meta tags. This forum doesn’t offer something. So Chrome doesn’t try to translate it. If the page contains only parts in another language, the Chrome function will not work either.
So is my understanding at least.


This has been my experience as well. I cannot translate without pasting into a translator.

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Sorry, my answer was obviously wrong. Should have tested upfront, I just was told that this is supposed to work.
I personally rarely do use Chrome translation, as I often need to work with web pages with a mix of English and French, where automatic detection usually fails and provide quite useless results.

This is now a little bit off-topic, but maybe it helps:
for complex technical description, mixed with humour or sarcasms, with text blocks related to each other, for me the best translation these days is produced by
They support drastically less languages as Google, but these extremely well.
They provide an application to install (Mac/PC) which listen to 2 x Command+Copy (typing copy shortcut twice). This automatically open the app and translate the text in clipboard.
The result is often good enough to be used even for public use. We use deepl more and more as pre-translation for technical documentation.

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I second the recommendation of There is an app for Windows too and the shortcut is double Ctrl-C.
I use it a lot in this forum when a French posting seems interesting and since my knowledge of the French language is, say, limited.


Thank you for the recommendation, very much appreciated!



I downloaded deepl, but the Mac version requires OS 13 and higher, which I haven’t moved to as yet. Anyway, it will be waiting for me when I get there.


Thanks for the tip. I grabbed it and it does indeed work as advertised.

Creates extra steps for reading messages and following the forums and threads, but certainly better than nothing!


Hi Randy

Chrome did ask me only one time on fresh entered page
with cleared browser cache
and so with no active LOGIN in forum !!!

Auto-Translate-Services server tracks all
and too the not public parts in forum which you can enter
as Partner. The infos there are are not for any notPartner
or for to public it to any tracking-systems.

This way (clear browsercache in chrome)
can used to read the public parts in forum.
Look by translate box into optionen
and choose what you like
EN -> DE
FR -> EN


I had already Deep-L but ignore this useful tip ; thanks.
It operates everywhere !

Possible to integrate this plugin ?



I found some instructions using Google that (at least for Chrome), I found I could right-click in the page and found an item in the context menu that said ‘Translate to English’.

Since selecting that, every topic I visit has been automatically translated for me.

Didn’t need to clear the browser cache or anything…it was (dare I say) perfect!

Not sure what will happen when I switch over to Firefox or Safari, but this is definitely good for now.


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