Triggers for remote Preemptive threads consuming cpu?

17r6, Windows 2016

Recently, I’ve been on a push to make more of my code PTS (Preemptive thread safe).
I now have a number of client-side processes that are PTS.
I’m NOT absolutely positive, but it seems like my server performance recently has degraded. And it feels like it’s happening when I run a heavy PTS method on remote, that reads and writes data.
It seems like the triggers running on the Server (which are NOT running in preemptive - although all my triggers are PTS) are consuming much more CPU %, than triggers for other processes.

(ORDA is NOT a factor here: I haven’t written my data mods to ORDA: just traditional create/save/delete records)
(note: I’ve seen this on both legacy network, and ServerNet)

I don’t have actual log statistics: I’m not to that point yet.
I’m putting this out there to see if any one else might be seeing the same.

Hi Tony,

Be careful, PTS doesn’t mean they are running in preemptive. Are you using the last functionnality to run preemptive process on the client? ( : Preemptive processes on 4D remote>)

I haven’t test yet how the triggers behave on the server when you run a preemptive process on the client.
I know that the triggers are only running in preemptive if your run a preemptive process on the server, but as I said, I don’t know about preemptive process on the client.


Be careful, PTS doesn’t mean they are running in preemptive
I know that the client-side processes in question are running in preemptive: because I have a process monitoring tools that reads the preemptive state from 4D, and is reporting to me that they’re preemptive.

HOWEVER: I’ve realized that one thing I said doesn’t make sense: and that is testing on Legacy network. on Legacy network: no client processes are preemptive.

Based on that: the whole premise of my observation is now in doubt.

For the moment: I’d like to close this conversation.

Just coming back to this for closure.
The problem was later discussed and solved in this thread:

I was using Get Process Properties in some cases in a trigger. (very bad idea).
Once I removed that: my slowness vanished.