Unable to CodeSign 4D v17.1 Single-user App

4D v17.1
Building a Single-User MacApp
Latest macOS Mojave

When we check the [X] Sign Application box in the Build Application, and enter our certificate name, it tries to sign the application, but then says it fails.

We are able to codeSign with a shell script (referring to the same certificate name). That script includes codeSigning a number of the internal frameworks first, then the .app last.

Seems like a problem in the Build Application feature?

I think the build app. dialog is following current Apple recommendations,
to sign packages inside-out (i.e. without the --deep option).

it assumes all internal bundles, frameworks, etc. are already signed.
it therefore fails if any one package is not signed or contains some “detritus”

“resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed”

that is why I added the --deep option, as well as xattr -rc and other options, in this tool


Keisuke are you aware of https://forums.4d.com/Post/FR/29312297/0/0/this> :?: