Use of semicolon in an entry filter


I need a filter for an input area where I want to only allow numbers separated by semicolon.
Example: 2;4;5;8
I tried an entry filter like &“0-9;;” but it doesn’t work, as the semicolon is the separator for the entry filter it is not taken as an allowed character and the user can only input digits.
Is there any special way of defining the filter so it also allows the semicolon?


you pass

: - <

colon, hyphen, lessThan

Hi Miyako,

Thank you for your prompt answer.

With that solution it will also allow the user to enter colon and lessThan symbols.
OK I can add code in the object method to filter them.
I was wondering if there isn’t any escape character to have the semicolon in the filter.


PS: Ah, by the way, I found you gave this same hint seven years ago to a similar question from Guy Algot in 4DINUG: :smiley: