Using 4D v16.6 Server 64 bits on OS X 10.14?


We are experiencing some stability issues with a MacPro (late 2013 i.e. dustbin :roll_eyes:).

The problem is affecting the stability of the application. Basically we suspect a problem with the graphic card hardware or driver issue (there are two graphic cards on this machine with one hosting the SSD :roll_eyes:). Typical case of form over function I suppose… Anyway one of the Graphic card stops working and sometimes it will freeze the machine. We are using 4D Server v16.6 64 bits on 10.13 (High Sierra).
PS : I miss the XServe :sob:

What is the largest 4D Sever setup (in terms of users) on Apple Hardware these days. We have about 80 users on this machine.

We are not sure if going to 10.14 would improve the situation (better drivers ?) even if 10.14 is not officially supported for 16.6.

That’s the real problem, for me. 80 users without any help from 4d in case of problem, it’s tough…
I was thinking about a second hand machine, in waiting to migrate to a supported pair 4d/system. You need a monster?

There is a spare machine (also MacPro late 2013) but we are worried it is also affected by the same problem. We could go Mac Mini (soldered CPU and RAM, no ECC, 0 serviceability :roll_eyes:) or Hackintosh (not legal) or Mac VM on a monster server (not legal) or move to Windows…

Why not migrate to v17 R4, where 32 bits clients are still available ?
With new machine and os ? This version is as stable as v16.6 (means excellent)!

The migration to v17 is on its way (waiting for the client to finish the tests).

Forget catalina :frowning:

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Yes, but they are stuck on v16 for now. A little step higher is never bad…