V16 Server Installer Download

Does anybody know where I can download the server only installer for V16. I can only find the full version which does not give you the option to select component.

It is true that the Full Installer for v16 does not allow you to select which subcomponents of the installer to install - it is all or nothing. The only selection available is which languages to include and where to install it.

We have the http://download.4d.com/Products/Current/4D_v16/Installers/4D_v16.0_Windows_64-bit.exeFull Installer for 64 bit> (which includes 4D Server, 4D, Volume Desktop, and Plugins)
We have the http://download.4d.com/Products/Current/4D_v16/Installers/4D_v16.0_Windows_32-bit.exeFull installer for 32 bit> (which includes 4D, Volume Desktop, and Plugins)

In the 32 bit full installer, we do not provide 4D Server, because the 32 bit version of 4D Server is only a compatible product. http://download.4d.com/Documents/Products_Documentation/LastVersions/Line_16/VIntl/4D_v16_0_CertificationMatrix_EN.pdfIt is not certified for any Windows OS>. Because of that we have made the http://download.4d.com/Products/Current/4D_v16/Installers/4D_Server_v16.0_Windows_32-bit.exe4D Server 32 bit available as a separate installer> on the ftp://ftp.download.4d.com/Products/Current/4D_v16/Installers/FTP> and http://download.4d.com/Products/Current/4D_v16/Installers/HTTP> site. However, because the 32 bit version of 4D Server is provided for compatibility only, it is not available on the http://www.4d.com/downloads/products.htmlmain download page>.

There is no separate download/installer for 4D Server 64 bit on Windows, which is the Certified product. In order to get this certified product you must use the http://download.4d.com/Products/Current/4D_v16/Installers/4D_v16.0_Windows_64-bit.exe64 bit Full Installer>.