V17 HF2 Failing to Auto-Update on 64bit Windows Machines

Hello all,

I attempted to update our built application to v17 HF2. Our configuration is:

  • 64 bit Mac OS Server (OS 10.13.5)
  • 64 bit Mac Clients
  • 32 bit Windows Clients

Mac Clients update fine
Clients on 32 Bit Windows Update Fine
Clients on 64 Bit Windows fail to update. (Tried 64 bit Windows 7,8,10)

When a 64 bit windows os connects with an older version of the client application:

  • The connection is made and the updater is downloaded
  • The updater attempts the install and fails with the error
    “Updater.exe - System Error. The code execution can not proceed because xerces-c_3_2.dll was not found. Reinstalling this program may fix the issue.”

I understand this is the library that is being updated in HF2.

The only work around I have is to use the 32 bit windows os client that gets updated and then make a manual installer for 64 bit machines. Not what I was hoping for.

Anyone else running into this?


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I think somewhere I made a mistake in my deployments.

I DID update another system to v17HF2 without issue (from the same previous build).

I’ll post if I track down my issue.


FWIW - I was updating from a nightly build 226566.