V17 R2 4D Write Pro Toolbar Form is Missing

When using the new 4D Write Pro widget from the Object Library as described in the link below:

The toolbar form is missing as in the attached image.

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It should be fixed in the next 4D release or am I missing something?

Thank you.


are you sure you opened the demo using 17 R2 ?

the way versioning works, is like

17.0 → 17.1 → 17.2 → 17.3 → … 18.0

17 R2

17 R3


so 17.x will never get the feature, until you meet up with the R channel at 18.0.

Hi Miyako,

Yes I am using v17 R2. Thank you for your response.

Here is a demo (sorry, Japanese but it should work) that uses the tool bar.


Hum, your database doesn’t work for me : I can open it and, when I choose item menu in Japanese, I get the wheel of death.
Perhaps same issue as here http://forums.4d.com/Post/EN/26785062/1/26922245#26922245

I let stand 4D for five minutes and the form appeared but as soon I click some where, I get Gaian the wheel of death.
I can confirm : it is exactly the same issue (for me at least…).

so it must be a localisation issue, we used this demo “live” at our Developer Conference,
but we there were no issues.

it’s a shame the blog post present a youtube video but no demo

I changed the menu label to “DEMO” does it make a difference?


No difference…

The issue comes with the new toolbar.

Thank you for the demo it really helped to sort out the real cause. Actually the issue was the duplicate 4D Write Pro Component existed in my component folder. I removed it and then everything was ok.