V17 R5 Hotfix 1 has been released

It has been decided to exceptionally release a hotfix 1 version of v17 R5 in order to fix a regression (ACI0099844). Now the build 240287 replace the last previous one (239769). Please note that hotfix version for R-releases are exceptional and are not part of a regular process as we currently have for 17.x version.

To get this hotfix, go on https://us.4d.com/product-download/R-releasehttps://us.4d.com/product-download/R-release>, v17 R5 tab, and download the masters. Note that the previous build is not available anymore, you will only find a build named v17 R5, which correspond to the hotfix 1.

For people looking for the bug:

ACI0099844 Using ORDA language (Object Relational Data Access) in a
loop to access an entity through several levels of relations may lead
to an unexpected error message. Client/Server mode only.

This build should be in the hotfix section of the forum