V17R6 service launch fails on new .4DC

4Dv17R6 latest build

When updating a customer with a new .4DC, upon starting the Service that runs 4D Server, R6 consistently fails to run, until the .4DC has been firstly opened with 4D Server as an Application.


My On Server Startup method detects if the AppName.4DD datafile is opened, and finds the Cust.4DD datafile to open it automatically. This works correctly for the pre-R6 Services.

I’m not interested in deploying a built 4D Server, so the:


…does not seem to apply to my need.

Other than deploying a built 4D Server, what may I do to have a Service launched R6 open a new .4DC, and run?


After creating a new .4DC, launch the .4DC and open the default datafile AppName.4DD. Then Quit.

This assigns the reference to the datafile in the .4DC.

This allows the .4DC to be launched in a Windows Service, and find the default datafile, and programmatically switch to the Cust.4DD.