V18 REST vs V17 REST?

I realize that V17 REST was designed only for the “4D Mobile” feature.

What I’m wanting to know is: Is V18 REST basically the same as what it was prior to v18, except with licensing changes?
Does it have different entry points there were in v17?

The reason I’m asking is that we are still using Wakanda over 4D (4D Mobile), and we’ve found something that broke (in the Wakanda side) after upgrading from v17r6 to v18.

So, I’m wondering if REST in v18 is NEW (and the previous REST is still active for Wakanda only), or if V18 REST is V17 REST, plus some tweaks?

there are not two REST servers in the v18, if that’s what you ask.

In v14-v17 it was designed to be only used through Wakanda.
In v18 it is designed to be used stand alone. It still has many things in common, but some important parts was added, such as the Authentication part (with v17 all shared the same password, which made it useless as REST server).

With v18 we will continue to enhance - and to provide examples, such as the latest blog post.
More features to come during the year.