Vanishing next/previous page buttons

I am having an interesting problem, that I was hoping someone could help me with. I just ported our V11 4D app to V17, and that seems to have gone pretty well, but I am having one issue that I just don’t understand.
On our main customer input form for editing records, we have standard next page and previous page buttons. This are just simple picture buttons with pictures from the picture library, and mapped to the standard previousPage, and nextPage actions. The disabling when you get to the first or last page of the form seems to be working fine, but in addition the buttons seem to be toggling between being visible and not visible with each click. So, if I click on one of these buttons, it changes the page of the form, but the button also becomes invisible (Or perhaps it switches to a page of the form where the button is not visible. Just thought of this.) If I click the button again it becomes visible again.
(I’m also using standard next record/ previous record buttons, and these are working better.)

(Per my comment in the parens above, I do have copies of these buttons on each page of my three page form. Perhaps there is a way to make the same buttons visible on all pages instead of having copies of the button on each page? Maybe this would be better?)

Thanks for any advice or help,
-Steve Lamperti
-Imagine That, Inc.

Put them on page zero which is visible on every page.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did put those buttons on page zero, and removed the copies from the later pages, and this is an improvement to the form design, but it didn’t make any difference to the visibility toggling issue I described. I’m surprised that this isn’t something obvious, as our setup is pretty generic. These are just standard picture buttons, set to next and previous page, and we didn’t do any customization of them at all. I am planning to use invisible buttons, with pictures on top of them to work around this issue, but, again, as what we have setup is pretty standard, I don’t see how it can’t be fairly common.

I’d try these:

  • check properties of the button
  • create a small test form with automatic buttons, if it works copy / paste these buttons to your form
  • as you said picture came from picture library, try with pictures coming from “Resources” folder

Hi Steve,

Just a heads up I experienced a similar issue in the upgrade process from v15 to v17 with some arrow images (from the picture library) I’ve been using for switching months and years in my own calendar widget. Sometimes they were there, sometimes not, sometimes they disappeared after clicking and sometimes not…
I did not investigate further, as I moved all of my library pictures to png files in the resources folder. No more problems since.