View Menu Show Tab Bar

I have an app with a Menu entitled View. Now when I open that menu there are two disabled menu items at the top: Show Tab Bar & Show All Tabs.
4D v17: Mac Mojave.

Where did they come from and how do I get rid of them?

Maybe you opened 4D Volume Desktop instead of 4D?

No. :worried:

I am running it interpreted but I am not using 4D Volume Desktop. I can change the name of the menu to Vieww (deliberate misspelling) and the problem goes away but that hardly seems satisfactory.

Yes, I find it annoying that 4D (or Apple) has started modifying menu definitions. I also have a View menu and “Enter Full Screen” gets appended on the end of it by 4D. I tried to add a separator at the end of my menu to at least put that in a different group since it is unrelated to my last menu item. It does not work - the separator is discarded.

4D should provided standard actions for these automatic items and allow them to be used or ignored.

Thinking aloud…what if you add a zero-width space instead of a double-w?