Volume Desktop + 4DLink file

Hi all,

I’m hoping that someone might be able to point out something that I’m missing.

In v13 we were able to pass a path to a 4DLink file to a stand-alone Volume Desktop application via the command line, however it seems that is no longer possible (we’re currently upgrading to v17).

I’m ok with not being able to specify paths to the structure and data files, but we also use the 4DLink file to give our users a direct shortcut to MSC and to tell 4D to suppress the data file conversion warnings when we’re upgrading 4D.

For MSC it’s not a huge deal and I’ll probably just add an option within the app that calls OPEN SECURITY CENTER, but is there a way that I’m missing that allows us to open a Volume Desktop app straight into MSC?

The data conversion mode is different though. That option made a lot sense in the context of a Volume Desktop app where you’re giving your users an app that they can just run without having to know about structure & data files. If I have to have the warning then so be it, but I’m hoping that I’m just missing some new way do that now.


One of the other devs here suggested holding Alt (Windows) when opening the app (can’t believe I didn’t think of that). That gets me back the Maintenance Center. Not as user friendly as the shortcut that we had before, but I can live with that.

Still no luck suppressing the data file conversion warning though. That might end up being customer service’s problem I guess :slight_smile:

Ended up solving my data conversion mode issue too. Turns out there is a key in Info.plist called DataFileConversionMode. Setting the value of that key to “2” does exactly what I want :-D.