Votes in feature requests

When I vote for a feature request, a message tels me “you have X votes remaining”. But I don’t know what this “remaining” is related to. Someone has the light?

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I was told, you have a fix amount of votes, according to your trust level.
My trust level is “Member”, so I have 6 votes. Higher levels have more votes.
When a feature request is closed, then you get your votes back.

Thank you both. It should be described here, rules are made to be know, not asked on sunday to other members.

I’m not against rules, but it’s difficult to play without knowing them.


They are. See about trust levels

I cannot find any information about votes, there.
Can you give me a tip (or a screenshot), where it says, how many votes you have at which trust level, and when you get them back again?

You are right, it was from my mind and there no mention of vote, only about the “likes”.
Vote is a plugin :
And I don’t know the rules attached to.
I think an administrator will give you a response asap

[edit] found an information on the Vote forum : “The number of active votes is configurable and defaults to 10”

I’ve added a new section “4.10 Topic Voting” to the FAQ to clarify things.


OK, so the new information for me is:

  • You get 2 new votes with the next trust level.
  • When a feature request is closed, you get your vote back, but you lose it again when re-opened.
  • If you need votes, you can remove other votes (by clicking the VOTE button again).
  • If you want to know how many votes you have left, you can count your votes in your profile (Activity > Votes).
  • But this method works only until the first feature request is closed.
  • After this, when you want to know how many votes you have left, just vote for something, then you get the message, and then remove the vote.

but could you add the real names of the trust levels to the explanation, please.

The vote limit number is depending on your trust level:

  • Tl0 has a limit of 2 votes
  • Tl1 has a limit of 4 votes

So it wouldn’t necessary to look up the trust levels on another page ( to get the real mapping.

Something like that:

The vote limit number is depending on your trust level:

  • Tl2 (member) has a limit of 4 votes

It seems you already know the matching but I’ve added it on the FAQ to make it easier.
Besides, if you click on one of your badge you can also see which trust level your badge is.

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Thanks for the explanation, Jörg.
But after reading it, I have to admit that I don’t like these rules.

There are too few votes, it will lead to everyone saving their votes and therefore there will be only few votes on certain feature requests, so it will always be possible to say that we will not implement this feature.

In Germany, especially in Berlin we would say “Nachtigall, ick hör dir trapsen” (unfortunately not directly translatable, maybe: “I can tell which way the wind is blowing”).

You can override the vote feature:

  • I like the current vote feature
  • I do not agree with current vote feature

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First we get a limited vote ability
Next we will have a limit on the number of replies
Then we have a limit on the number of subjects we can initiate…

I know this is quite radical, but why should there be a limit at all?, what purpose could the limit serve anyway?, are there users who go and vote for each and every feature request that had to be rained in?

I totally agree, I do not like any voting limit…

Voting has never been easy in 4D forums :slight_smile:
And it never had much impact.

It had, but not as much as we wanted.
The forum was important for us to understand common needs. And to learn about unexpected needs.

Voting did not worked for us. A small group of users voted a lot, while the majority did not at all.
As results, the votes was not democratic, they did not helped us to see high needs.

What helped was to check each thread how many users wrote. Not how many answers was written (could be a long discussion between two people), but how many different people wrote.
We used that for a while, then learned talking to customers “oh, I did not wrote myself a message, I saw many already did, why I should I write anything?”

We were looking for a way to get a more representative view about all members of the community. Looking around we found the concept used by discourse, already available in this forum software, so we thought that could be a better answer to the problem as we had before.

People voting a lot needs to decide “this are my top 6 needs”. People voting only rarely will have a voice as well. That concept worked for many other products using discourse, so we thought it makes sense to give it a try.

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A new forum “black market votes” could be requested :thinking:

but spending votes for that is annoying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I hear what Thomas is saying, and don’t disagree, but my problem with voting limits is that no one knows what topics will require votes since each day is a “new day”.

It’s one thing if we had a list of 100 ideas and we could only vote on 6 of them, however each day brings a new possibility of something that I might deem more important than what I could vote on yesterday.

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then unvote your need from yesterday and vote for something today.

As long we did not started yet, fine for us.
Show us your biggest needs for today.
This is another reason for “limited votes”. It helps to show todays needs, not the one from yesterday.