Web Server Execution Cycle

My .shtml page has the following button code;

   <form action ="/4DCGI/newOrder" method="post">

which triggers a method in On Web Connection (OWC) and does what it should.

However, when that method is finished and OWC ends, 4D attempts to send the user to the URL of:

which of course renders a 404 error.

I would have expected 4D to return the user to the calling page, at the point it exited, so some more JS may be executed, but that might be my 4D head thinking.

What have I missed?

“does what it should”

does the method (newOrder) end with a WEB SEND {something} ?

No, it does not. It merely creates and saves a record.

Should it include a WEB SEND call?

Yes, it should.