Welcome Wizard not updating

Welcome Wizard shows different databases from File/Open Recent Databases.
[]33417775;“different lists”[/]

I did clear menu and that cleared both the list in the menu and the list in Welcome Wizrd. I then opened database NWB.4dc and quit. Now I get this:
[]33417826;“NWB.4dc in File menu, but just .4dc in Wizard”[/]

My database NWB.4dc never apears properly in the Welcome Wizard.

Why using 17.1 version ? The current version is the v17.3 (HF3)
And by the way the v18 is now out too

re 17.1 vs 17.3 - no reason. Hadn’t noticed there was a new version. But it’s been showing my database as “.4dc” for several versions.
re v18: v17 made the app tricky to use (Record List Windows don’t update properly), I don’t want to risk any more damage. It’s an old app (mostly written last century or early this). And I don’t want to rewrite it.