What to use instead of "background offset" 3D button style?

What is the opinion? Is there some sample CSS I can use to mimic this style from binary mode in project mode?

I don’t think you can depend on CSS to animate ab attribute.

What effect does the end user want?

If they just want their button to be visible and do not insist on the offset effect, it’s probably best to remake the button as custom.


I used Bevel style as the closest look to the old style button.

Project mode on the right, notice that its appearance changes when not the frontmost window.

The background offset doesn’t change.

It’s a fair bit of work unfortunately to replace all the buttons if you have a lot of them


Thanks Wayne, I tried bevel, but it is not transparent. Lot of the buttons are located over some field to invoke actions on it, using bevel hides the text. I went with custom buttons with raised border line style.


Are they transparent?


Yes, I can see the content of the field in background