When Is backup.4DSettings loaded?

I’m wondering if anyone knows when the backup.4DSettings file is loaded by 4D?

Background: I’m upgrading customers from v17.x to v18.2. The version customers currently have has the User Settings for Data file option turned on, but I just noticed that the Backup.xml file does not exist beside the datafile. It only exists in the application package. Apparently I failed to do what was necessary in the past to get it in the correct location.

Until now, each new version automatically copied the Preferences folder from the currently running application into the new application bundle during auto upgrade. So here are the steps I plan on taking with the v18.2 version being sent out:

  1. During auto upgrade, the v17.x version will still copy the Preferences folder into the v18.2 version. (This will be the last time this happens as the v18.2 version will no longer do this in the future.)

  2. The auto upgrade procedure will launch the v18.2 version. Upon launch, 4D will notice there is a Preferences folder and automatically convert it to a Settings folder, also converting Backup.xml to backup.4DSettings. However, this will be in the application bundle.

  3. Once my code starts running, it will copy or move the Settings folder from the application bundle to beside the data file.

At this point, though, I’m not sure which settings 4D will be using. Do I need to restart the database before it will recognize the Settings folder beside the datafile? Or will it automatically pick that up?

Thanks for any understanding on this. I need to completely automate the process for lots of customers so I want to make sure I get it right! :slight_smile:

I have a v18 project (so no automatic cross version upgrade here) but it seems like you can create, modify or even remove “backup.4DSettings” on the fly and the next BACKUP will immediately pick up on that. So as long as “User Settings for Data file” is already activated in v17, it seems reasonable to expect that a restart is not necessary.

Hmm, I was thinking more about a scheduled backup. But then, based on what your are saying the schedule might come from the loaded backup.4DSettings file in the application package and when the scheduled backup actually runs it might start using the backup.4DSettings file in the Settings folder beside the datafile. It would be great if that’s the way it works. I’ll give it a try.