Why does 4D render this SVG incorrectly?

Please forgive me for writing in english, but my french is not so good.

The following SVG is rendered incorrectly by 4D (v17.1 Mac OS X 10.14.3). No text is shown , but in various online SVG viewers (for example https://www.freecodeformat.com/svg-editor.php) it is working.
[]29739839;“This is how it should look like…”[/]
What can I do to get it working in 4D?

The text objects are nested inside svg tags because the text has to be clipped and should not show more content than fits into it’s own rectangle. TextAreas can’t be used, because of other rendering problems on Mac OS.
Or is there another solution for limiting the text?

Stefan Hanshans

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SVG is a W3C specification.

it would be wrong to implement a feature incorrectly,

but it would not be wrong to leave some parts unimplemented.

that is the nature of these specifications.

nested svg elements are not implemented in 4D.

but that is not wrong, in the same way that not supporting textArea is not wrong.

the workaround depends on what you want to accomplish.

perhaps you can use an image element and reference the other svg.

Hi Stephan,

Bad news: Inside svg tags are not managed by 4D.
Good news ? You can clip everything you want see SVG_SET_CLIP_PATH

Hi Vincent,

merci beaucoup.
SVG_SET_CLIP_PATH seems to be the best solution. Don’t know why I missed it until now…