Why reported bugs are not fixed after more than 4 months


I have 3 bugs that I reported to the Tech support in San Jose. They reproduced the bugs and created an ACI number.

2 of these bugs have been reported in February.

One of this bug makes 4D unusable with “Force Quit” the only option. The other 2 bugs are related to records reported locked when they should not.

Today version 17.2 was released but those bugs are not part of the fixes.

Below is the list of the 3 bugs.

My Sale Rep in California keeps telling me that he “escalated” the issues. But he seems powerless.

I understand that 4D Inc/SA is focusing on new features being released with 17 R5 but as a (very) long time 4D developer, I am frustrated that bugs that I report are not solved in particular after 4 months. These are “reproducible/reproduced” bugs

I am facing my clients and the one who promote 4D.

But this situation left me with a sour taste.

Can someone in 4D help me? How is the best way to report bugs and make sure they are put in the pipeline to be fixed?

Thank you.

Christophe Flament
New York

EDIT ACCESS command changes the menus to Design Mode and then disable (gray out) them [ACI0099314]

Command “Locked” return always true in Input form onload when opened via ListBox [ACI0099254]

Record reported locked with build 236487 when it was not with build 234985 [ACI0099554]

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