Window printing: NOT WYSIWYG

4D v17r5
Windows 10 with all current patches

WYSI not WYG (What you see is NOT what you get)

Will printing from Windows every be WYSIWYG? is this a 4D problem? or Microsoft? or what?

Here’s the comparison of a 4D form (left) and how it prints out (right)
(I’ve made this “outlined” text: to show that the outline matches perfectly in the form editor, but when printing out: the text no longer fits to the outline)

[]32101409;“Your comment here…”[/]

What is the result when you print directly to paper (real printer) ?

I’ve noticed sometimes my texts are slightly truncated when I print to pdf but end up fine on paper (postscript printer). Line and rect alignments are affected as well. Even 1 pixel difference quickly adds up like in your example.

The physical print-out looks just like the pdf screen shot.

What I’m really wondering is: is this a 4D deficiency? or Windows?

Please open a TAOW case and upload and example with the form.
Please describe which printer driver you use for real printe and what PDF printer.

With the available information I can only guess and guessing is often wrong.
Just a shot:
4D 64 bit prints with DirectX/DirectWrite.

This is the prefered way for new applications, and also the only way the “new” Microsoft Print to PDF driver works. It is very weak if GDI is used.
Some other PDF driver might be the opposite.

There is a compatibility setting in SET DATA PARAMETER to force 4D to GDI printing, which you can use for testing, even this is not a suggested solution for long term.

As written, just a guess. Better to analyse your issue in detail.

I’ve opened a TS case: Tai has the case.

Please describe which printer driver you use for real printer and what PDF printer.
I’ve tested it: all on Windows 10, fully patched: with both Microsoft Print to PDF, and with PDF995. Both give nearly identical output: the inaccurate row heights.
Printing to actual paper: I have an HP Photo 7800 with up-to-date drivers. Same output to paper.

The behavior that I’m describing is nothing new: it’s been like this for decades: I’m just wondering if it’ll ever be fixed: and who’s bug it is.

Tai will analyze.

I’m describing is nothing new: it’s been like this for decades

4D was rendering on screen and on printer decades ago via Altura, using a Mac emulation, displaying and printing with 72dpi while Windows worked on 96 dpi. This produced similar display as on Mac, but not good for Windows.

Later 4D was rewritten to display using GDI.
Note that Microsoft never handled that as WYSIWYG, that’s a Mac thing, that’s why graphic companies purchased a Mac. Windows does a totally independent rendering for screen and for printer. It is a new calculation, with different kerning, different char sizes, etc.

With v13 4D was rewritten for screen rendering to use DirectX, to produce a faster (hardware based) screen rendering with better kerning. Printing continued to use GDI, as this was used from most printer drivers.

And finally 4D was rewritten again with 64 bit. Now we display and print using DirectX. This produces again different rending, as different kerning, char sizes, etc.
I understood that printer and screen are now more similar, but still, Microsoft never said WYSIWYG

Thanks Thomas.
That’s good information to know.
So then the summary would be: It’s a Microsoft bug/deficiency.

For reference:

Direct2D status@SET DATABASE PARAMETER concern screen rendering.
for the print layer, one must use Legacy printing layer option@SET PRINT OPTION