Windows 2016 and 4D v17.3 : dabase is not starting

I’m testing a mirror database on a new server Windows 2016, interpreted mode.

It used to worked but since few days the database does no more start.

This is meaningless, 4D program starts and quits without any message and nothing in the windows event logs.
I added a TRACE at the first line of the “On server start” method but it does not reach this step.

I checked the folder permissions, all is fine.
I checked the 4D licences, all is fine.

I copied the whole database folder to another server (Windows 2012 R2) and it started without updating any setting.

Has someone already faced such an issue ? Are there some prerequisites to run under Windows 2016 ?
It could be due to a windows update but I have no clue.



Does it run as service ?

No, shame on me.

I built a shortcut to start 4D + the database, using the 4D 64 bits client instead of the 4D 64 bits server…
As I use the windows authentication the connection fails and the 4D quits.

This is the first time I’m doing such a mistake, so I didn’t even think to check this shortcut.

Thanks for trying to help me.