Windows automation, vb script, OLE4D, COM4D plugins : replace, rewrite?

Product :4D
OS : Windows
4D : v14


In our application on Windows, we use intensively for a long long long time 2 plugins : OLE4D and COM4D. With them, we can run vb script and use Windows automation, ActiveX. So we can interract with a lot of external things.

  • with OLE4D, we can run vb script from 4D (it is a script interpretor) and access 4D object (methods, variables) from vb script with a special object (SHost object). We can also embed OLE object.
  • COM4D is an OLE Automation Server, and 4D can be accessed from vb script or Word VBA. We use it for to interract dynamicaly with Word.

Actually, our application (4Dv14. It was created in 4Dv6 !) is not in Unicode mode to support these old plugins in the Win4DX !
These 2 plugins are no more supported since several years. And the source code of the plugins are not accessible. :-?

Product :4D - 4D Server
We are searching a way to replace them :

  • use other existing plugins but we don’t find anything equivalent
  • use other technical way to do the same things.
  • develop new plugin to do the same thing. The COM4D developper told me a long time ago, when i asked him if we could get the source code before he stop development activity, that the code was extremely complex.

Any idea or help will be very welcome.

OLE4D should be available from e-node. See>.
AFAIK, it is not 64-bit and uses old ResourceManager (.rsr file).

Yes, thanks Miloslav. :slight_smile:
But we will not buy an old plugin with no support ! And more expensive that the version we have… ;-D

Support depends on demand… I can make it 64-bit and v17 ready, IMHO. E-node owns the source code, AFAIK.

Hi Miloslav,

We also need 64 bit version of OLE 4D for running scripts. We consider upgrade if you develop.