Windows Code Signing (How to sign 4D Merged app?)

How do we sign v18 Windows 4D merged client/server apps?

In particular:

  1. What certificate format to use?
  2. What signing tool to use?
  3. What files get signed? (only .exe?)
  4. Is the installer app also to be signed?
  5. Is there a manifest that is added?
  6. Is an installer app required or can delivery be done without an installer app?


have you seen this ?

We use a code sign certificate from comodo.

We sign the installer and the merged APPNAME.exe


I need to SignTool my merged 4D app on Windows.

The SignTool link in the tech note 78265, points to an installer that requires an older .NET 4 Framework than is installed on my Windows 10 computer.

Winsdk_web.exe installer gives the message:

install the .NET Framework 4 from

The NET Framework 4.8 installer gives the message:

.NET Framework 4.8 or a later update is already installed on this computer.

I am reluctant to install an older Framework that what is already installed.