Windows' print preview broken Windows v10.0.17134


We are using 4D v17.1 in 32bit compatibility mode. My development computer is a brand-new install of Windows version 10.0.17134 Enterprise Edition. On this computer, when I use the standard 4D call to “Print Settings”, I am not able to select print preview. Literally where the print preview checkbox would be is instead a message that says “XPS viewer not installed”.

I understand that Microsoft says they are no longer installing the XPS viewer. There are a number of different Internet posts talking about how to view old XPS files using different software. My problem isn’t with files saved as XPS, my problem is with the interactive print preview tool. I’ve also seen posts about how to install it the XPS viewer - which I’ve tried and have not succeeded.

It seems to me that if XPS is permanently going away, then at some point somewhere, when I call a “Print Settings” dialog in 4D, something other than XPS is going to have to service the print preview functionality. So even if I did figure out how to put XPS onto my computer, that is a bandage at best.

I’ve searched the forum here as well as the knowledge base and have not gotten any relevant hits regarding XPS.

My question is: Is this addressed by 4D? Maybe I need a different version of 4D to restore print preview functionality? What is my path forward?

The overwhelming majority of our users are still on Windows 7, and the roll-out of Windows 10 is set to go enterprise-wide in a month or two. This isn’t a show stopper, but it’s definitely an issue I’d prefer to resolve now.

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: Chris PARKER

I understand that Microsoft says they are no longer installing the
XPS viewer.

XPS Viewer is still part of Windows 10, it is just not “pre-installed” by default any longer.
Similar to many other Windows 10 options. Or similar to many services on Windows Server.

Enterprises rolling out Windows 10 usually control via group policies the enabled Windows 10 options, simply ask them to include it.

Microsoft names this “Features on Demand”

also see:

We’ve come across similar issues in 17.01 32-bit, and some of our customer sites will either;

  1. not re-install/enable XPS viewer
  2. have re-enabled, but the print preview error persists

We have currently recommended that they use Print to PDF as a preview (Whish is mentioned on the MSDN forums as a replacement also). Is there a way to override or replace the print preview tool, or will it have to be handled manually as a PDF in future?

To be clear, it’s still possible to get XPS viewer (although I have
yet to succeed), but make no mistake, it is no longer supported
technology. As I said, installing it now is a bandage at best.


: Windows Central

Now, starting with the April 2018 Update (version 1803), Microsoft is
finally retiring support for the file format and removing the XPS
Viewer app on new installations. This means that if you’re doing an
in-place upgrade from version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) to version
1803, you’ll continue to have support for the format, but if you’re
setting up a new device, or do a clean installation, the XPS Viewer
app will no longer be available. (my emphasis)

: Microsoft XPS API Documentation

The XPS Print API is not supported and may be altered or unavailable
in the future. Client applications should use the Print Document
Package API instead. (again, my emphasis)