WP and how to delete object like table?

I think I will ask for a very basic (stupid ?) question !
How can I delete object by programming ?

Yes, WP Insert table is cool, but what about WP Delete table ? Or range ? Or picture ?

Even for text, do I need to think like a windows user clicking “Start” then “Shutdown” ?
I do :

WP SET TEXT($range;"";wk replace)

This look strange…

But how with table ?

Thanks !

Tu supprimes les colonnes :


That’s all ?
Once deleted, the table disapears ? I’ll try that.

As you can create a table without any columns, then add them, I guess this is not that simple…
I check and tell you.

WP TABLE DELETE COLUMNS not available in 4D v17 R4…

Ok, I answer to myself and all :slight_smile:

<code 4D>
$obj:=WP Get element by ID($WP_areaPtr->;$T_label{$k+1})
$range:=WP Create range($obj;wk start text;wk end text)
WP SET TEXT($range;"";wk replace;wk include in range)

</code 4D>

I got the answer by this post https://forums.4d.com/Post/FR/28877443/1/28942075#28942075 looking on François Cloutier zip database.
Cool job.