Write Pro is Modified?

In 4D Write Classic I can use the WR GET AREA PROPERTY(WR_Area;wr modified;$isModified) command to determine whether a document has been modified. How would I do this in 4D Write Pro?

I have looked through WP Attributes, WP commands, Object commands and OB commands. I must be missing it somehow.


Tom Benedict


…determine whether a document has been modified.

Use the https://doc.4d.com/4Dv17R4/4D/17-R4/4D-Write-Pro-Attributes.300-4077773.en.html#3936451document attribute> “wk date modified”.

It’s a timestamp.

When the document opens, get the “wk date modified” value. Then whenever you want to test whether the document has been modified, get the current “wk date modified” value. If different, then the document has been modified.

Just as a follow up to this thread, while the wk date modified will tell you the most recent mod datetime, you as a developer still need to manage it.