Write Pro on other form page than the first

Just checking here. I am trying to use WP from a form page two (or more) with the new Toolbar. Most things work perfect. The only thing i cant get to work properly is the update of the Styles List on the first page of the toolbar. If i select a paragraph the toolbar should update with the style set for that text. But if i have WP on another form page than 1 everything seems to work but not the update of the style sheets.

Its obviously some kind of initiation problem here. Is there a work-around? Is it known?


Hello Johan

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Don’t know id you read my previous answer but obviously I answered too fast …
I’ll give a try and i’ll let you know.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Which version of 4D do you use please ? The “new toolbar” is not so “new” anymore.

OK, Got it !
Already fixed in v18R3 and will be fixed in v18.x

Thanks for reporting.

Roland Lannuzel

Perfect! Great then we are set!