XCode Environment Properly Setup

Hi Miyako (or anyone),

Whenever I open one of the source plugins ( in this case "Text Convert” generously made available - THANK YOU ) using Xcode (6.2) I seem to stumble out the gate because there’s usually a “1 target, missing base SDK” error.

So I know I need to set this because it needs to know which supported platforms it’s going to run on.

I’d like to get it to the point so that whenever I download a plugin source to study I can build and test without issue. [Not usually the case for me]

Sometimes all I need to do is recompile for a new version of 4D and since I don’t often code XCode/VS I don’t remember the initial setup requirements. And there are no docs (two old technotes only) that guide the way.

So how can I setup Xcode so that’s equipped for any plugin I might wish to explore and study. I’ll be building a plugin for 4D 15 and on.

Does that make sense?

Appreciate any feedback,

I already replied to this question on the iNUG,
but the answer is that it is intentional.

it only takes one click to set the SDK and another to set the minimum OS X version;
if I pushed the projects pointing to the “latest” SDK,
the plugin would only work on the latest macOS.

by the way, plugins are 4D-version agnostic,
so there is no need to “compile for v15”.

Hi Miyako,

Yes I have no doubt what you are saying is true. I haven’t had to update my plugin very often. And I don’t write enough of them to be competent. The technotes are a bit old! Although I have asked Ad if he would ask you if you might consider bringing those technotes up-to-date with current versions of Windows VS and XCode. I have no idea if he asked?

Anyway my goal is to be able to slip in and out of plugin compile mode quickly. I need to document every step - too much in between time where I won’t even look at the plugin -for those times when I need to quickly get back up on the horse, so to speak.

So that’s what I am after.

And part of that is understanding which platforms are required and, if they are missing, how to find them or ignore them.

Further I was hoping that there might be other developers - those not too busy - who might have time to help for quick questions. My experience as to plugins is that there are too few developers skilled in plugin development. And often questions do go unanswered on the Plugin forum. So it’s a lonely world when there’s either not enough information OR no one to ask.

I think a series of updated Plugin 4D technotes every few years would be useful and helpful.

Appreciate your response and your tremendous generosity.