XLS PlugIn and simple addition

I think, it will pertain to Keisuke :slight_smile:

I’m not successful in defining a simple function like this:

cell3 := cell2 + cell1


cell3 := cell2 - cell1

Can you give me a little bit help?

I don’t know…

you could search under ‘xlslib’ which is the name of the library.

but for a simple cell+cell, you could use the SUM example (in the sample DB).

OK, cell1+cell2 is solved with SUM, but cell1-cell2 is not .

in ‘xlslib’ (4DPlugin.cpp), there are more functions, I understand XLS WORKBOOK Create fn1 node, where Param1 = workbook, Param2 = function und Param3 = area.

But I don’t know the Params of XLS WORKBOOK Create fn0 (2 Params) and XLS WORKBOOK Create fn2 (4 Params). And I could not find any documentation …

there is no documentation because I don’t know how the library works either…

the C source code is the documentation, effectively.

as for the fn0, fn2 commands, I presume they correspond to the number of arguments (TODAY=0 arguments, for example)

but I again, I have never used the plugin myself, I just mechanically created a wrapper for 4D.

I have no idea how it is supposed to work.